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You're not going to believe this...

My Grandpa didn't have a stroke. Mom got the real story today and I'm going to hell but I laughed.

Ok, everyone in our family knows that Grandapa is a diehard Pittsburgh Penguins fan; he goes to every home game. Well several days ago he was on his way to the game and fell, breaking an arm and a leg. Does Grandpa go get medical attention?

Nope, he goes to the game. WITH A BROKEN ARM AND LEG.

We're not sure yet how he managed to get back home but apparently once he got there he found himself unable to mobilize himself enough to call for help or anything else. His dementia is from dehydration, not a stroke. He's being rehydrated and he's expected to make a full recovery. He's still going down to Florida to stay with my Aunt and her family for a month or so but the doctors say other than the broken limbs he's the healthiest 81 year old man they've ever seen. So, Grandpa is fine...just stubborn and Penguins obsessed.

Some people might think it's inappropriate to laugh at this but this is just so...HIM. No one was surprised that Gramps would put up with broken limbs in order not to miss a Penguins game. Love you Gramps, don't ever change.

Bad news...

I just got a phone call from my Mom. My Grandfather had a stroke.

Apparently it happened a few days ago but no one found out until today...my Aunt, who is executor of his estate, was contacted by his landlord to tell us that earlier today my Grandfather started throwing stuff out of his window. The landlord went to investigate, and after not getting any answer, let himself into the apartment. What they found first of all was that my Grandfather had shit all over the apartment. They found him sitting in the bathtub, naked, with no water in it. They figure the stroke happened a couple days ago, agreed by my Mom who tried to call him several times the day before yesterday and didn't get any answer.

Physically he's ok...mentally, well, he's had a stroke so you can guess. My Aunt spoke to him on the phone from the hospital and she said sometimes he sounded ok and other times he seemed completely in outer space. The hospital doesn't know yet if he's going to improve or if this is how he's going to be for the rest of his life, however long that may be. He was supposed to go visit my Aunt and her family for Christmas, but now that's probably out the window. She does however want him to move down with them for good, as he is likely going to need constant care and supervision. She also took care of my Grandmother when she developed lung and brain cancer, which she died from in 1997.

My Mom and Sister are going to visit him at the hospital tomorrow; they're the only family who lives in the area. Then they're going to go and clean up Grandpa's apartment; somehow I don't think he'll ever be able to live on his own again.

I'm upset but I'm ok; to be honest I've been waiting for something to happen. It's weird but for the last couple weeks, every time my mom called I kept expecting her to say that something had happened to him. He's 81 years old and when you're that old, things tend to happen.So it wasn't exactly a shock. I feel worse for my Mom really, because she lost her mother and now this has happened to her Father. I only have my Mom...I can only imagine how I'd feel if I lost my only parent.

Greetings from California

I want to move here. I want to move here SO BAD.

I'm still wrapping my mind around the fact that it's December and I'm wearing shorts. Seriously, I'm freaking out.

The resort we're staying at is nice but everything is so overpriced. The restaurants at the resort are really expensive so we've taken to going down the road where there's Denny's and Taco Bell and all that to eat. We're middle income people staying in a high income resort, we don't quite fit here lol. Our room is small and costs $200 a night (good thing we're not the ones paying for it!)and we're on the low end for room prices here. Our room is literally 10 feet from the beach and the girls have been playing out there as much as they can.

We went to Mission Beach today and while walking the boardwalk we saw a guy dressed as Frosty the Snowman. Well, by 'dressed' i mean, body painted white with black buttons painted on, wearing a big red scarf and wearing a red thong. On rollerskates. No, I didn't get a picture unfortunately as the spousal unit was too busy gaping all WTF-like as the guy passed by.

Ah crazy Potter fans, how I love thee.

Check this community out.anti_moviehhr. Apparently it's a community to bitch about how the movies make Harry/Hermione look like a couple. Or something. The userinfo is precious.

Not a ton of entries, but this one amused me the most. OMG Emma is touching Dan! Why is she doing that, the whore! Apparently the comm is populated by Rupert Grint fangirls and Ron/Hermione shippers.


I've been banned from otf_wank for telling the mod that I thought their deleting the comm stunt was lame. LOL.
I was perusing the Fandom Wank wiki and found a link to a really batshit crazy fur. Like, psycho.

This dude is freaking NUTS.

I have nothing against furs in general, but that guy is seriously imbalanced.

Oh, goody...

Some mod on JF has decided to do stupid things with their power to amuse themselves on their birthday. Again.

Yes, I'm being bitchy. No, I don't care. Really the whole 'it's my birthday so I'm deleting a comm for 12 hours/randomly banning people for a day/etc. is really. Freaking. Old. At this point I just find it really assinine and frankly I'd hope they have more to look forward on their birthday then flexing their modly power in stupid ways on a message board.

Maybe I'm just outgrowing the whole wank scene, because I'm just finding people's behavior less and less amusing.*

*Not that I am saying that anyone who enjoys the wank comms is immature or the like...it's just kinda like I feel personally it's just not the place for me anymore, since I seem to have lost my sense of humor about things.
The main post asks the question, 'What would you do if your child was a nerd?'

This and all of that poster's replies make me want to puke, choke a bitch, or both.

Yeah, force your kid to be a jock or a cheerleader. Fuck individuality, we all know what matters is being popular.*

This bit of a post from firecrest pretty much sums up how I feel:

Cos you know, life is all about school and how you are at school is REEAAALLY important. Heres news for you. Im a geek and I love it. I dont give a shit that my social life at school was crap. I dont enjoy the company of boring people with average IQS who have nothing to talk about but who they fancy and how much they drink, and if I had a child who did I would be pretty disapointed.

In case anyone wonders, yes, I was a nerd in high school. Did I miss being popular? Hell no; I thought the popular kids were boring as hell.

*I have nothing againt jocks or cheerleaders, the point is I think it's fucking stupid to force a kid to participate in those things just so they 'fit in'. It also severely tweaked me that the commenter refered to sports as basically being for boys - they can kiss the cleats of my two soccer-playing daughters, thank you very much.


Ok was just watching TV and this ad for a new show on TBS called 'My Boys' came on and for a minute I thought one of the guys in the show was Zack Ward...he looked a lot like him. So I went and checked imdb and it wasn't Zack, but someone in that same range of hotness.

For your viewing pleasure...Jamie Kaler.
I just had to share this AC:WW story...

My 8 year old daughter got into playing this game a couple weeks ago and loves it; she writes long letters to the animals, fishes and catches bugs like crazy, and makes some very creative patterns. She loves it when the animals treat her like a friend so she was thrilled when Moe asked her if he could come visit her house. They set a time of 7:56 p.m. tonight and she kept asking me to check the clock so she knew when to get on to wait for his arrival.

So she gets on, very excited about getting her visitor, and waits...8 rolls around and still no Moe. She goes out to find him and when she talks to him it seems like he doesn't have the slightest idea he was supposed to go to her house. My little girl starts crying, upset that Moe doesn't want to visit her.

I felt so bad for her, she was just heartbroken because she'd so been looking forward to the visit and it didn't happen. I don't know if she actually set the time differently than she claimed (I didn't see when she did it) or it glitched or what, but I told her that the next time an animal offered to visit I'd help her set the time so we knew for sure when they were coming.

Curse you Moe for breaking my little girl's heart!

**Crossposed to acww_adult**